JPW | 4 – 6 Parramatta Square

4 – 6 Parramatta Square

4 – 6 Parramatta Square will be significant buildings within the Parramatta Square precinct, delivering large, highly sought after campus style commercial floorplates and a vibrant, active ground plane and podium that is directly linked to Parramatta Station. The building forms respond to their site by reinforcing the definition of Parramatta Square, whilst creating a dynamic skyline composition between the existing Sydney Water Building (2 Parramatta Square) and 8 Parramatta Square, which will be the precinct’s landmark residential tower.

The towers are raised almost 30m above the ground plane to promote visual and physical permeability across the site, and reinforce the important axial vista along Parramatta Square to St. John’s Cathedral Church. The gap between the buildings relates to the future Horwood Place Civic Link, intended to link Parramatta Square with River Square to the north. The refined expression of the towers is a counterpoint to the diversity of expression across the podium and ground levels, where human scaled spaces and elements create an active understorey directly addressing the Square.
Sydney, Australia


“The JPW scheme proposes a highly legible, naturally lit connection between the rail station concourse and the future Parramatta Square, with multiple opportunities for retail activation on two levels. It proposes twin towers which complement but do not compete with the landmark ‘Aspire’ tower design. These towers will provide 21st century workplaces in the heart of Parramatta. It’s very composed and dignified. It has resolved these functions in a most elegant way.”
Graham Jahn, AM, Competition Jury chair and Director, City Planning and Development, City of Sydney