JPW | Barangaroo Reserve

Barangaroo Reserve

Barangaroo Reserve at the northern end of the Barangaroo precinct, has revitalised a former industrial area of the Sydney harbour foreshore by transforming a hardstand apron into a recreated sandstone headland. JPW were awarded the commission as lead consultant in association with PWP Landscape Architecture for the design and documentation of the project, and continued to provide services to the contractor during construction.


The design draws inspiration from the natural headlands of Sydney Harbour in terms of landform, vegetation and material. Plant material was selected that is endemic to the Hawkesbury Sandstone landscapes of Sydney and were pre-grown in manufactured soils similar to those created on site. Some 10 000 sandstone blocks were extracted from the site making space for a unique underground cultural space and the same sandstone blocks were arranged to create a sandstone foreshore complete with tidal pools.
Sydney, Australia


  • 2016 Winner, Award for Parks and Open Spaces – AILA National Awards
  • 2016 Winner, Award for Parks and Open Space, NSW AILA Awards
  • 2016 Winner, President’s Award – Australian Engineering Excellence Awards
  • 2015 Winner, President’s Award, ALIA NSW Awards
  • 2015 Winner, WAN Waterfront Award