JPW | Britomart Precinct

Britomart Precinct

JPW has been the Masterplanning architect for the Britomart Precinct since 2006. The Precinct contains some 17 heritage buildings and a major transport interchange, and holds an important position in terms of its proximity to the waterfront and adjacent civic precincts.

The Masterplan includes a number of new buildings and public spaces that will realise opportunities to revitalise this historic harbour front Precinct, integrate transport infrastructure and connect it to the city to create a new vital civic core for the City of Auckland. Three sites have been developed as part of the first phase of new work, establishing the principles and standards for future development in the Precinct and the full realisation of the Masterplan.
Auckland, New Zealand


  • 2012 Best Commercial Building – Britomart East Building, Property Council New Zealand