JPW | Museum of Sydney

Museum of Sydney

The Museum of Sydney completed in 1995, is a series of urban and interior spaces for displays exploring Australia’s changing attitude to its colonial past. The Museum of Sydney together with Governors Place and the specially commissioned sculpture installation “Edge of Trees” demonstrates Johnson Pilton Walker’s ability to capture the aims and ethos of a museum and the significance of a site, creating built forms appropriate to the celebration of cultural activities.
Sydney, Australia


“…the Museum of Sydney and Governor Philip Square creates an urban room in the most important 19th century street in Sydney, Bridge Street. The building resolves the relationship of those great colonial palazzos… with an abstracted sandstone rock shelf and cliff-face. This occupied landscape, penetrated and revealed in an unfolding sequence of crystalline spaces, is placed with great confidence and cultural understanding in relation to the Aboriginal and European history of Sydney.”
James Weirick, Architecture Bulletin’s Buildings of the Decade – 1990s, 2004


  • 1997 Merit Award for Architecture, RAIA NSW Chapter Awards
    1995 Lloyd Rees Award for Urban Design – First Government House Place (in collaboration with Janet Laurence and Fiona Foley) RAIA NSW Chapter Awards