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National Workers Memorial

The National Workers Memorial is dedicated to those who have suffered as a result of workplace tragedy, injury or death. It is a place for people who are united by an understanding of the value and risks of work, and the how the ripples of these risks, as the play out in our everyday lives, are felt across our country. A grove of columns, crafted from stone sourced from every state and territory, are arranged around a map of Australia and define the Workers’ Glade. Ripples in the pavement emanate from the base of each column, each inscribed with values and fragments of stories. Symbolic rosemary plantings, invite visitors to pick votive offerings for loved ones.
Canberra, Australia


“It’s so simple, it’s very elegant, it’s very inclusive and it really is a place where everyone is welcome”
Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson, Founder of Work Injured Resource Connection and Senate Committee Advisor


  • 2014 Winner Small Projects, ACT Architecture Awards
  • 2014 Best Civic Project – Australian Stone Architectural Awards
  • 2014 Premier Award – Australian Stone Architectural Awards