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Portraits + Architecture

Portrait of Johnson Pilton Walker, Inside the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, 25 Hours 31 minutes, 22‐23 May 2009 by Ingvar Kenne. JPW’s video installation uses the actual table that was used to design the National Portrait Gallery from competition to completion to illustrate the diversity of practice life and the collaborative, multi‐disciplinary nature of our work. The interactive ipod wall, framed in similar proportions to the formal portraits opposite, illustrates the diverse personalities of JPW’s people and projects with more than 250 flickering images across 38 ipods. These are the first commissioned portraits created in the National Portrait Gallery.
Canberra, Australia


“We wanted to convey the transformation of a space during a day and night and incorporate the portrait of each architect. Each one of them was asked to turn up in the clothes they wanted to wear and where they appeared in the frame was dictated by the moment rather than being planned.”
Ingvar Kenne, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia