JPW | SIP Archive and Exhibition Building

SIP Archive and Exhibition Building

The Archive Exhibition Building contains an archive store, exhibition halls and administration facilities for the Suzhou Industrial Park planning authority. A central entry hall provides a shared zone and access to each facility within the complex, providing a legible and accessible public circulation system.

The individual uses are clearly identifiable within the overall composition. Each is expressed as a distinct form with a different materiality: two 50 x 50m column free granite clad ‘black box’ exhibition halls face north, with a black sloping glass office box facing west. A dramatic white sloping granite entry façade faces south, to the principal street address. Floating above these, a contrasting transparent horizontal exhibition and conference form interlocks with a blue and white striped vertical tower containing the archives. The ‘solid’ tower façade reinforces the appearance of stacked storage boxes.
Suzhou, China