JPW | Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

JPW in collaboration with Utzon Architects were appointed by the Sydney Opera House Trust to advise on any future development works affecting the Sydney Opera House and its site. One of the first tasks was to establish, with Jorn Utzon, the design principles that will guide future works at the Sydney Opera House. The objectives were to safeguard the site for the benefit of future generations and to address the current practical limitations and the future design needs of a leading performing arts centre. The works include upgrading disabled access, tourist infrastructure, visitor and presenter facilities. These documents, developed and compiled by JPW with Utzon Architects in collaboration, were key documents in the Trust’s successful bid for World Heritage Listing which was granted in 2007.


“I am delighted that Richard Johnson and his firm have been appointed to draw up a Masterplan and am confident that we can collaborate. In this way I’m sure the concept of the Sydney Opera House and its surroundings will be protected in the best possible way.”
Jorn Utzon, Architect